Boot Camp

8 Week Body Transformation

Boot Camp 8 week full body transformation weight loss small group training 

Boot Camp 8 week body transformation has arrived - our very own small group training program that we’ve designed to help you have fun while reaching your fitness goals.

Each high energy session will work out your entire body in a supportive and motivating environment!

Whether you are looking for continuous improvement, have hit a plateau, or are simply wanting a change in your fitness routine, Boot Camp is for you!

Small Groups, Focused Attention!

Boot Camp takes group training in gyms to a new level by providing focussed coaching to a small group of participants. We’re all about having the ability to monitor your individual performance, while providing personal care and attention to you.

Our group training sessions are limited at 8-10 people per session, meaning no crowded spaces, plenty of equipment for everyone, and individual coaching and assistance on form is available!

Enjoy the motivation and excitement of training with a small bunch of eager people in this awesome, and effective, training session!

What Happens In The Training Sessions

We work on three important fitness techniques to create this intense group training exercise session.

Heart Rate Training

Using Heart Rate monitoring, you will be pushed to keep yourself working in the fat burning zone throughout the entire session!

What is Heart Rate Training?

Believe it or not, there is such thing as training ‘too much too fast’ which over time will lead to a greater chance of injury and fatigue. Identifying your heart rate zones starts with calculating your max heart rate. This is done by deducting your age from 220.

It is recommended, that in most cases, you stay between 65-85% of your maximum heart rate.

Your heart rate is segmented into different ‘zones’ to help you associate your level of effort while training. These range from Zone 1 - ‘The Easy Zone’ to Zone 5 - ‘The Vigorous Zone’.

To maintain a steady workout you should aim towards reaching Zone 3, meaning 70-79% of your max heart rate.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT workouts are all about increasing your heart rate in a short amount of time to receive the greatest benefit from your session.

By using extreme bursts of energy and recovering accordingly, this will allow you to burn calories FAST. It’s the perfect type of training for fat loss and general fitness. Better yet, the sessions may only take up to 30 minutes meaning you can get the best value from your effort!

Finding Your Fat-Burning Zone

Burning more calories may not necessarily mean you’re burning more fat.

So how do you ensure the calories burned are fat calories? The higher the intensity of your work out means that short-term stores of carbs and sugar are burnt, for example the calories absorbed from your last meal.

Lower intensity fitness activities over a long period of time, known as ‘targeted fat-burning’ will assist in getting the fat-burning results you need and want from those stubborn areas.

Start your group training journey with us!

By identifying your fat burning zone, using your heart rate zones, and performing HIIT exercises, we’re able to help you achieve your own fitness goals and get the most out of your workout.

It’s an individual level of personal attention, with the benefit of a small group to keep you motivated!

Whether you're new to fitness or a regular gym goer, this small group training program is for anyone - no judgements!

Get in touch with one of our friendly Crunch staff members to sign up for our next session!

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