Why Group Training Works

We discuss how group training is a great way to exercise and have fun!

Group training is a great opportunity to meet new people and stay motivated. In today’s post we touch on why group training is so popular and how it’s helping heaps of people stick to their fitness goals. If you’ve never tried group training before, prepare to be coloured intrigued.

Why it’s popular?


Group Sessions, Individual Coaching

In a group training, class the teacher has the opportunity to coach and motivate everyone together. Different participants will have different fitness levels and experiences, but the instructors are able to customise the exercises to suit all members of the group while coaching individuals through the exercises at their own comfort level. 

A sense of community

One of the things that makes group training so popular is the sense of community it creates. It brings all different types of people together with the common goal of working out, having fun, and getting fit.  

Why does it work?


Classes are the best place to get motivated as you’re surrounded by people that share the same goal and actively want you to succeed. There’s no doubt that getting to a gym and doing solo training can be a challenge, particularly when you’re just starting out.   


Sticking to a fitness routine can be hard when you’re only holding yourself accountable. That positive pressure that comes from knowing other people are relying on you is another reason why group training works. Your instructor and your classmates are counting on you, just like you’ll be counting on them.  


Group training harbours a lot of variety and fresh ways to getting gym-goers into shape. After trying a few different classes you will find what suits your needs best and keeps you having fun, time after time.  


With a diverse range of classes that you can try out at your local Crunch gym, the variety is endless. So whether you’re into dance, boxing, cardio, HIIT, or strength training, there’s a class or group training session ready to welcome you.  


Being in a group training environment is like being in a sports team. You have your coach, your teammates and maybe even some fans (even if they are of the pedestal variety). All this adds up to a network of people creating a supportive and encouraging environment. It’s just awesome.  


Every group training session is structured so that you get the most from the time.  Your instructor will have your warm ups, main workout routine and cool down all accounted for. It not only takes out the challenge of having to organise your own routine, but it actively ensures you avoid injury and perform movements within in your fitness level.  

Classes are also often available multiple times a week which allows a solid structure for you to fit within!

Group Training at Crunch!

Group training works - it’s that simple.

Try one of our exciting classes at your nearest Crunch Fitness gym by checking out the timetables, or get in touch with one of our friendly Crunch family members to join up and get training! 

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